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The Right Way to Store Your Bras at Home and On the Road

  • 2 min read

Taking good care of your bras goes beyond proper washing. If they’re pieces that you love and tend to wear on repeat, you want to do everything possible to extend the life of your bras.

While it may sound strange, the way you store your bras—whether in your top drawer or even in your suitcase—can affect the way they fit and feel on your body over time.

To keep your favorite bras fitting perfectly with every wear, here’s how to store them the right way:

The right way to store bras in your top drawer

If you’ve ever gone to a lingerie store, you might have noticed the neatly organized drawers of bras and bralettes folded flat and overlapping. Though it may seem like a pain to get and keep your top drawer at this level of organization, it’s actually worth it — because it’s the right way to store your bras.

Laying your bras and bralettes flat ensures the elastics and the cups stay in place. Folding or rolling your intimates can alter the shape of the cup, creating weird bumps or gaps.

You’ll also want the elastics of the band to be able to breathe and readjust properly, and maintain a comfortable level of support. This is why laying your bras flat is best: it allows the band to slowly regress to its natural state, so that the next time you put on your bra, it’s not too tight and not too loose — it fits just right.

The right way to store bras in your suitcase

Whether it’s a weekender bag or a suitcase for a monthlong vacation, get your bras ready for travel.

Again, avoid folding or rolling your bras and bralettes, especially in a suitcase. Once you’ve zipped up your bag and everything’s cramped together, it’s game over for your bras.

Before you head out for your trip, grab a lingerie travel bag to store in your suitcase. Look for the travel bags that are big enough to let your bras and bralettes lay flat. Essentially, you want to copy your at-home storage methods while on the road to maintain the comfort and support of your bras.

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