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Soho Scoop Bra - Black Pink- LoveSuze
Soho Scoop Bra - Black Pink- LoveSuze

Our Story

Designer lingerie that is sexy and comfortable.

In an industry that is entirely focused on size, we have broken the rules and created a line that not only embracesthe changes of a woman’s body, it takes the guesswork out of shopping.  A medium is a medium, right?  Not necessarily.  Sizing varies drastically from brand to brand and woman to woman making that purchase, a bit of a gamble.  Our styles are a safe bet. 

Each piece is crafted with the benefits of Flex-Sizing® materials that will stretch and mold to your unique shape.  Whether you are a larger medium or a smaller one, dual sizes make it simple and ensure a perfect fit.

Behind the Brand - Founder - LoveSuze

Why LoveSuze?

Having escaped corporate America's lingerie industry, I was contemplating my next steps, ready to start my own business. I asked myself the one question all entrepreneurs ask themselves: “What problem am I trying to solve?”  For me, this was simple. I wanted to create a line where feeling sexy and beautiful didn’t take the place of comfort and wearability.

What if size was no longer such a major part of how we shop? What if your favorite bra and panty adjusted with the fluctuations of your body?  

This was the beginning of LoveSuze.

Why Flex-Sizing™

Because your body fluctuates. A woman’s body changes on a day-to-day basis. Our styles are created with this in mind.

Because your physique is unique. We've spent years studying your curves. We understand the way your body changes.

Because you should be confident. Flex-Sizing® embraces your ever changing shape so you're in control. The right fit gives confidence.

This is lingerie made for you; this is Flex-Sizing® by LoveSuze. 

Luxe-Stretch Full Bust Bra - Black - LoveSuze
Noho Lace Triangle Bralette - Black - LoveSuze