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Lux-Stretch Full Bust Bra - Black - LoveSuze
Lux-Stretch Full Bust Bra - Black - LoveSuze

The right fit gives confidence

Our flawless fit flexes to flatter you.

Every piece of LoveSuze bras and underwear benefits from years of research, and a comprehensive understanding of how design and materials work together to fit and flatter. LoveSuze founder, Suzanne MacBale, wanted to create a lingerie brand you can live and love in. A brand you can trust to fit every time—draping you in comfortable, sexy, unapologetic, confidence.

Say goodbye to digging and pinching

Other women may wear your size, but your body shape is unique. Your version of small, medium, or large is like no other—and your shape fluctuates with the day, time, and month.

Now imagine bras and underwear that move and stretch as you do. At LoveSuze, we design with a Flex-Sizing® mindset, creating bras and underwear in dual sizes that fits flawlessly, flexibly, and stretches to perfection when your body needs it most. LoveSuze was created with your body in mind, to give you bras and underwear that are sexy and comfortable.

Why Flex-Sizing®?

Because your body fluctuates. A woman’s body changes on a day-to-day basis. Our styles are created with this in mind.

Because your physique is unique. We've spent years studying your curves. We understand the way your body changes.

Because you should be confident. Flex-Sizing® embraces your ever changing shape so you're in control. The right fit gives confidence.

This is lingerie made for you; this is Flex-Sizing® by LoveSuze. 

NoHo Lace Triangle Bralette  - Black Gold- LoveSuze
NoHo Lace Triangle Bralette  - Purple - LoveSuze