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LoveSuze, Women’s Lingerie Brand, Debuts New Collection: Live Your Life in Color

“With Flex-Sizing fabric used in every piece, women feel and look their absolute best– no matter what day it is or what life throws their way. My goal is to give them a confidence boost, a little secret they know of that’s hiding underneath their outerwear. Forget about special occasion lingerie. With LoveSuze lingerie, every day is a special occasion.”

20 New Must-Have Bridal Accessories

"Lingerie that's as functional as it is sexy. This soft lace bralette features a racerback design with a scoop front and adjustable straps, while the comfortable bikini has a high cut to lengthen and accentuate your legs."

Suzanne Macbale of LoveSuze On 5 The Things You Need to Succeed in the Fashion Industry

"One of my goals was to create a brand that truly embraces a positive body image and empowers the wearer. I want women to feel confident, and for me, that starts with your foundation — and lingerie is the foundation beneath every other garment in a woman’s wardrobe. 

83 Mother's Day Gifts To Honor Them Every Day

"LoveSuze is a lingerie line that is defined not by your size, but how it makes you feel. Whether you’re a new mom or currently expecting, it’s important for women to be prepared for all of the changes their bodies will go through over the next few months."

The Best Maternity Lingerie For The Most Comfortable Pregnancy In 2021

"LoveSuze as a brand is all about size inclusivity, with flex sizing guaranteed to fit a woman through the diverse and distinct stages of her changing life no matter what—or your money back."

Destigmatizing Women’s Health: Why It’s Important to Talk about the Unspeakable

"As a woman—or rather a girl—there’s a point when your relationship with older females is more important than ever: when you start your period. The tone of the conversation that’s held between mother and daughter, or grandmother and granddaughter, or any older woman and teenage girl, can set the path for how you perceive your […]"

25 Best Bridal Lingerie Sets For Every Style And Budget

"This feather lingerie skirt has a fun, lighthearted vibe that's perfect for the playful bride. Feel free to pair this with a matching thong and bralette or just some matching faux fur-lined heels."

Move Over Victoria's Secret: LoveSuze Launches One-Size Brand to Empower Women and Simplify Gifting

"In this industry, speed to market is often valued above everything else, but I really took my time to create a high-quality, comfortable and flattering fit. A lot of attention to detail went into fitting the garments. It took months to get the right elastic, and to source the right raw materials for each item. I think that this is what will really stand out to customers when they try on the product - how well the items fit and how comfortable the fabrics feel."


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