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The Best Way to Wash Your Underwear

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We’ve talked a lot about the best way to wash and care for your bras, but when it comes to our underwear — especially Flex-Sizing® underwear — we have to apply the same level of care if we want our nicer, stretch lace panties to last.

Machine Washing Your Underwear: How to Do It Right

Whether you’re washing cotton or lace panties, before you toss them into the washing machine, double-check the care instructions. You want them clean, yes, but you don't want to ruin your panties in the process.

Wash your underwear separately from your clothing

The best way to keep your panties clean and fitting like new is to wash them separately from your clothing. Washing several different fabrics together can compromise the quality of your underwear — leaving an itchy or rough feeling on your skin. Plus, you want to keep the bacteria on your underwear away from your clothes. Just because it’s in the wash doesn’t necessarily mean all that bacteria’s getting cleaned away.

Wash your underwear on a warm, delicate cycle

To kill the bacteria on your underwear, you’ll want to wash it on a warm cycle. Cold water won’t break through the bacteria’s protective wall, and hot water will ruin the fabric.

Warm and delicate is the perfect wash setting for most underwear fabrics. Go for a gentle, more natural detergent, and avoid harsh chemicals like bleach. Your underwear touches the most intimate parts of your body, so take extra caution with the detergent you use to clean it.

How to Hand Wash Your Underwear

If you want a little more control over how to wash your underwear, try hand washing. Start by filling a bowl or your sink with warm water.

While the sink fills up, pour the detergent into the water, and wait for the detergent to completely dissolve before adding your underwear. Soak your underwear in the warm water for about 30 minutes. You can wash several pairs together if they’re the same color and fabric type.

Gently scrub the fabric together to clean every inch of the underwear. Rinse the underwear with lukewarm water and gently squeeze out every last drop. Lay your underwear flat to dry, or hang on a hanger. This will help preserve the shape and stretch.

Always Air Dry Your Underwear

The best way to keep your panties fitting and feeling like new after each wash is to air dry them. Dryers may be super convenient, but the hot temperature can cause wear and tear on the elastic — stretching your panties to the point they’re always slipping down.

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