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All About Stretch Lace Lingerie: How to Find your Perfect Fit

  • 2 min read

When shopping for bras and underwear, comfort is key. Your first layer stays on from morning ‘til night, so it’s crucial to find pieces that feel good on your body, support what you got, and give you the perfect boost of confidence. Because when you’re comfortable in what you’re wearing, that confidence comes effortlessly.

That’s why we’ve come to love stretch lace lingerie. It’s effortlessly sexy and incredibly comfortable. If you’re looking to upgrade your everyday bras and panties, here’s why stretch lace lingerie deserves the top spot in your top drawer.

What is stretch lace lingerie?

Stretch lace lingerie is exactly what the name suggests — lace lingerie that stretches! The stretch is what makes lace lingerie ideal for everyday wear. Instead of saving your lace intimates for special occasions, they’re the perfect pieces for any and every moment. It combines everything we love about lace — romance, sexiness, softness, and elegance — with the benefits of a flexible, comfortable, and body-loving fit.

Why you’ll love it, too

  • Stretch lace bras and bralettes are great for anyone of any bust size. If you have a bigger, fuller bust, the bralette stretches to cover and support your girls with ease.
  • The delicate lace is oh-so soft on skin and almost invisible under your clothing. No more panty lines!
  • The lace molds to your shape, hugging your curves and supporting your bust without squeezing.

How to shop for stretch lace lingerie

While you should look for your typical size, consider how your body fluctuates on a daily basis. This is where stretch lace lingerie really shines — no matter how or where your weight fluctuates, your bras and panties will always fit perfectly.

The key is to remember these intimates are meant to stretch and recover with every wear. The fit won’t be snug or tight; it’ll be easy and comfortable, and give you the support you need without any digging, pinching, or pain.

If you’re shopping for stretch lace bras or bralettes, start by measuring your bust for your accurate size. If you don’t know your true bust size, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide to help you get it right in one go.

We’ll help you find your perfect fit

At LoveSuze, we design all our bras, panties, bodysuits and slips with Flex-Sizing® materials to stretch and mold to your unique shape. All our intimates are available in dual sizes to comfortably fit your body, regardless of how it changes. We believe comfort and sexiness go hand in hand, and want you to feel your most confident in intimates that feel made for you.

Ready to add stretch lace lingerie to your top drawer? Our lingerie experts are here to help you find your perfect fit.