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Your Body is Always Changing. Why Isn't Your Bra?

  • 2 min read

Have you ever put on one of your regular bras or panties, only to notice they feel a bit tighter or looser than usual?

It's totally normal. Our bodies are changing all the time. Fluctuating hormones, weight loss, weight gain, bloating, menstruation cycles—even the amount of water we drink—all lead to a body that's constantly changing. In fact, our bodies change every single day. But unfortunately, our bras and panties aren't matching up.

The good news? There's one thing that's guaranteed to fit any time of the day or month: a LoveSuze bralette or panty.

The benefits of Flex-Sizing®

If you're buying bras and panties from different brands, you might notice the sizes aren't 100% consistent. Depending on the fabric and material used, and what the brand says is "your size," you'll get a different fit for each bra or panty purchased.

It's not exactly ideal to have bras and panties of various sizes, especially if your body's changing on the daily. You want to have pieces you know will fit no matter what.

Your body's shape is unique. And if it's changing regularly, that makes it even more so.

That's why we've developed Flex-Sizing®. All LoveSuze bras, panties, bodysuits, and slips are made with our signature Flex-Sizing® fabric to fit your body comfortably all day, any day.

Flex-Sizing™ moves and stretches with you, helping you feel supported no matter what. This is why so many women love the fit and feel of our bras, bralettes, and underwear. We guarantee a perfect fit with every wear.

The support of the right bra and panty set changes everything. When you wear bras and panties that always fit your unique shape, you'll always feel confident and sexy in your own body.

Feel the LoveSuze difference

LoveSuze was founded on the idea that your sexiest bras and panties can be your most comfortable. Because life's too short to wear bras and panties that itch, scratch, ride up, or don't fit. Settling just isn't an option.

With LoveSuze, there's no complicated index of sizes to search through, no second-guessing what will fit, and no discomfort—ever. Our fabrics move and stretch with you, molding to your unique shape even as your body changes.

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Get the bras that change with you

You don't have to sacrifice feeling sexy to feel comfortable. And you definitely don't need to sacrifice comfort, ever. With LoveSuze, feeling your sexiest, most confident self is as easy as slipping on a bra and panty that fits you perfectly every single day.

Need help finding your perfect fit? Check out our Flex-Sizing Fit Guide.