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Why Bra Sizes Don't Make Sense

  • 3 min read

If there’s one thing most women can agree on, it’s that there’s nothing more annoying, more confusing, or more frustrating than bra shopping.

Whether in-store or online, women of all shapes and sizes continue to run into the same issue: the bras just don’t fit right. But it’s not because they don’t know their own size. It’s a mix of bad bra education, inaccurate sizing, and skewed measurements.

For decades, women have been under the impression that they’re “one size” across all brands; that if they walk into one store to buy a size 6 pair of jeans, they’ll be a size 6 at the next. Which, if you’ve ever shopped from store to store, isn’t the case at all.

The same goes for bras. Where women are 34B at one store, they’re also, somehow, a 36C at the next. As a result, women never really know their true bra size, and are left to keep trying different brands and different sizes until they find a bra they think could be the one.

It’s not you, it’s the brand

Across the retail industry, all brands seem to have one thing in common: they just can’t seem to get our sizes right. But it’s not because brands don’t know what a true size 6 or 34B is. It’s because brands size their clothing to fit their target customer, not the masses.

In the brand’s eyes, they have a vision of who their ideal shopper is: what they wear, what they look like, and what their average measurements are. The sizes of the clothing they create are designed to fit this ideal shopper, not a real shopper.

Many brands also practice vanity sizing, where they scale sizes down or up to appeal to the vanity of the customer. If someone wants to flaunt that they’re a smaller or larger size than they thought they were, vanity sizing makes them buy the piece. Vanity sizing works only to make the shopper feel good about their size, encouraging more emotional purchases, and less purchases with their real size in mind.

Most bras don’t consider the changes of a woman’s body

All throughout our lives, our bodies are constantly changing. Our bodies go through natural fluctuations, affecting everything from our overall weight to the size and shape of our breasts.

While bras give us some flexibility to adjust the band, the cups of these bras don’t account for the changes of our breasts. Plus, many bras made today aren’t made with women’s ever-changing bust sizes in mind.

Most of the bras you’ll find in stores are made in one size and one size only. And more often than not, the size doesn’t match up to your true bust size, or the size has been altered to fit the “ideal customer’s” size.

For the majority of women, this is far from ideal, especially for something so essential in our wardrobe. Every few days, weeks, months, or years, our bodies change. And we can’t keep buying new bras to keep up.

Find the bra that molds and adapts to your body

From the very beginning, we’ve designed our bras with a Flex-Sizing® approach; creating bras that stretch and contract to your body. We’ve broken from the standardized size chart to offer intimates in dual sizes, removing any guesswork from your shopping.

With Flex-Sizing®, you’ll experience a fit that feels like it was made for your body. Each time you put on one of our bras or panties — whether you’re pregnant, bloating, lost weight, gained weight, or just going through the natural changes of your body — our bras deliver a flawless fit.

Break from the unreliable size charts, and feel good in bras that actually fit and support your bust all day, every day.

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