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The Best Sizing for Bras and Panties that Always Fit Perfectly

  • 2 min read

Do your bras dig, pinch, or scratch? You don’t have to keep up the bra-tugging dance to put up with what feels like barbed wire strapped to your chest. In fact, you might want to toss that bra ASAP because... ouch.

The fact is, there are way better bras and panties out there for you. Lingerie, too. Ones that you don’t need to pull and tug at when they’re not where they're supposed to be. But not all bras and panties are made the same.

Between different brands, fabrics, body shapes, and body changes, finding bras and panties that don't irritate can be, well, pretty irritating.

But with Flex-Sizing®, finding the perfect bra and panty set—that doesn’t dig, pinch, or scratch—is as easy as opening up Instagram first thing in the morning.

Get to know our Flex-Sizing® bras and underwear

Flex-Sizing® is our signature sizing model. It’s not one-size-fits-all. It's an inclusive sizing method that fits every body just right.

Rather than search through a never-ending list of sizes, Flex-Sizing® makes things simple. Our bras and panties are made with soft, stretchy fabrics in dual sizes that fit you perfectly all day, every day.

There’s no digging, pinching, or scratching, ever. And no guessing when it comes to your size.

Why go with Flex-Sizing®?

Across the board, we see lingerie brands offering the same sizes. But not all sizes are made equally.

Most lingerie brands don't consider—or even talk about—the regular changes of a woman's body. With every passing hour, week, and month, our bodies are constantly changing. That's why your underwear may fit looser in the morning, and tighter by dinnertime.

Regular bras and panties aren't designed to cater to our dynamic and unique shapes. This also explains why a small from one store may not fit the same from another.

Just like no two bras and panties fit the same, no body is made the same, either.

We designed all LoveSuze bras, underwear, and lingerie to mold and stretch to your unique body, not a standard size chart. Our team has spent years researching women's shapes, curves, and regular changes to design the best-fitting, most comfortable pieces that last.

With Flex-Sizing®, feeling comfortable and sexy (at the same time!) is possible.

Stop guessing and make the switch to Flex-Sizing®

Finding the best lingerie for your body doesn't need to be complicated. Because bras and underwear are essential pieces that should be easy to find, and even easier to choose when you get dressed. They should fit and flatter you every day, no matter what changes your body's experiencing.

Ditch your old bras and panties and make the switch to Flex-Sizing® for long-lasting comfort and support.

Use our Fit Guide to find the best size for you.