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The Best Bra Style for Bigger Busts

  • 2 min read

Shopping for a bra that fits just right isn’t always easy, especially if your bust size is larger than most. Plus, between the inconsistent sizes from brand to brand, finding your perfect fit becomes an even bigger challenge.

If your cup size falls anywhere between C to F, you’ve probably experienced this bra debacle firsthand. Lucky for you, though, we know exactly what kind of bra you should look for the next time you go bra shopping: a full-bust bralette.

Full-bust bralettes do what wired bras do, but better

These days, more and more women are ditching underwire bras in favor of wireless bralettes. And we can’t blame them — when we find a wireless option that provides the same level of support, and more comfort than before, then we’re all in.

A full-bust bralette (also commonly referred to as a minimizer bra) offers so many benefits, like the full coverage, unbeatable support, and the perfect lift and shape. If you’ve ever felt “weighed down” by your breasts, a full-bust bralette gives you all the support you need, so they feel practically weightless.

Full-bust bralettes naturally minimize the appearance of your bust

If you want to reduce the appearance of your bust size, a full-bust bralette (minimizer bra) is a great go-to — whether you have a petite or a full bust.

The minimizer bra “reduces” your bust size by redistributing the breast tissue to a rounder shape. Minimizers give a nice, natural shape and profile, without compressing the bust like a high-impact sports bra would, so no “uniboob” happens.

Some women with larger busts like feeling like their girls are extra secure. And you might, too. If more support is what you’re looking for, then look no further than a full-bust bralette.

Try it on for size: the Luxe-Stretch Full-Bust Bralette

Let’s make bra shopping a little easier. Our Luxe-Stretch Full-Bust Bralette is everything you’d want in a wireless minimizer, but way, way better.

Designed with sheer, high-stretch lace, our bralette still gives you that full coverage while adding a little touch of sexy. We’ve intentionally designed the straps closer together for more comfort and support, and offer wider straps in larger sizes to avoid any pressure on your shoulders.

Made with Flex-Sizing® fabrics that are breathable and high-stretch, this style's guaranteed to fit perfectly, while providing maximum support with every wear.

Try our Luxe-Stretch Full-Bust Bralette for a full-bust option that checks all the boxes.