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How to Shop and Save Money for Your Changing Body During Pregnancy

  • 3 min read

Whether you’re pregnant or trying to get pregnant, you know how incredibly special this time is.

But if there’s one thing you might not have expected while you’re expecting, it’s that shopping for maternity wear can be way more stressful than others let on—specifically, undergarments and intimates.

You’ll always need bras and underwear, but as your body changes during pregnancy, you’re almost forced to buy multiple sizes of bras and underwear that might not fit postpartum.

Instead of creating an entirely new maternity wardrobe, we’re here to help you find bras and underwear that fit your budget, can be worn again and again (yes, even months after postpartum!), and made with high-quality fabrics.

Here’s how to shop and save for your changing body during pregnancy:

What to look for in maternity bras and underwear

Focus on pieces that last

When shopping for maternity intimates, focus on pieces that last. A new maternity wardrobe — let alone a whole new top drawer — can be an expensive, and almost wasteful, solution.

For bras, swap a wire bra for a wire-free bralette that’s soft, stretchy, and supportive. Avoid buying a bra extender. It’s an additional cost for something you might only need once in your life.

For underwear, you’ll want several pairs that will stretch without feeling too tight on your body. Remember, underwear just sits below the belly. As it grows, your underwear should gently support this growing area.

Prioritize comfort

Search for bras and underwear made with flexible materials; fabrics that stretch with your body, so you feel comfortable and supported no matter how much your body’s grown.

Pregnancy looks and feels different for everyone. But choosing pieces that make you feel good in your changing body is a must.

Our collection of Flex-Sizing® intimates are designed with high-stretch materials made to move and stretch with the natural changes of a woman’s body. Even long after your postpartum journey, our bras and panties are guaranteed for a forever perfect fit.

Don’t wait to buy new bras and panties

Try to be proactive with your shopping. Some bellies pop sooner than others, and some breasts grow faster than others, too. You don’t want to make your pregnancy journey more uncomfortable by wearing too-tight bras and underwear.

Keep a collection of high-stretch, ready-to-wear bras and underwear handy as your body starts to change.

How many maternity bras should you buy?

To keep a healthy rotation for your bras, you’ll want to have 3-5 flexible bras in your top drawer throughout your pregnancy. You don’t want to over-use your bras as it can wear out the fabric.

Try Flex-Sizing® bras and underwear for your pregnancy journey

Shopping for the right bras and panties during your pregnancy can be simple and affordable. And with the right pieces in your top drawer, you can enjoy this beautiful season of life in pure comfort.

Our line of Flex-Sizing® bras and underwear are designed in dual sizes with high-stretch materials, perfectly molding to your unique shape with every wear. No matter how early or far along you are, we guarantee a comfortable, confident fit.

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