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How to Build Confidence Inside and Out

  • 2 min read

When was the first time you fell in love? The first time you felt your head and your heart were finally on the same page? You knew, without question, that “the one” was staring right at you. And at that moment, you chose that person, place, or opportunity, even, to be part of your life.

That feeling of assuredness—trusting your gut on the deepest level—is confidence.

Confidence has always been inside you. Yes, you. You are a confident woman.

It’s not a trait reserved for extroverts. It’s a force you already possess. But it’s hard to be confident 100% of the time.

So how can you feel more confident in yourself? It’s surprisingly easy. And with enough conviction in your confidence, you can attract more of what you want in life: love, opportunities, and fulfillment.

Confidence is a choice

Each new day, you have a choice: go through it passively, or own every minute of it.

The same goes for confidence. You have to choose it. When you choose to feel confident, that’s when you stop hesitating and start fully trusting your intuition.

There’s no second-guessing, no anxiety, and no spiraling over “what ifs.” You’re down to take risks, try new things, and open your eyes to new perspectives and ideas.

Showing up as your most confident self takes time and practice. It might feel scary or unnatural at first. But what good does staying in your comfort zone do?

The next time you roll out of bed, get ready for a meeting or sit down to have breakfast, take a deep breath and choose to be confident. And if you feel that hint of awkwardness or discomfort when working on your confidence, just know that’s the growth kicking in.

We’ve all met someone whose confidence seems so natural and effortless. Their presence is powerful. They have the kind of self-assurance many of us would love to have, too.

If you’ve ever wondered how to feel more confident in yourself—the way others seem to feel so “naturally”—the answer might be in your closet.

Our favorite way to feel more confident? The right bra and panty set. When we wear something that feels like it was made for us and hugs us in all the right ways, it's an instant confidence boost. That's just one of the reasons why we're obsessed with the fit and feel of our Flex-Sizing®. It molds to your unique shape, guaranteeing a perfect fit every time you slip one of our bras or panties on.

Your bra and panty are the first things you put on in the morning. So, what will you choose? Something that’s itchy, tight, or unflattering? Or something that’s comfortable, sexy, and fits like a glove every time?

You deserve to wear bras and panties that make you feel your best every day.

When you choose to look good, you feel good. And when you feel good, confidence comes effortlessly.