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Don’t Know What to Gift this Year? Try Lingerie

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Every holiday season is an opportunity to show our friends, family, and loved ones how much we care with a meaningful gift or gesture. Whether it’s a simple stocking stuffer, or an extravagant treat, we all want to surprise the people we love with the perfect presents.

But if you want to give something they’ll really love, we think lingerie just might be the perfect gift. Here’s why:

Lingerie isn’t what it used to be

When you hear the word ‘lingerie,’ do you think of lace bodysuits, garter belts, and crotchless panties? Well, you’re not alone. For decades, the word ‘lingerie’ was reserved for special occasion intimates meant to be worn for — you guessed it — special occasions.

Lingerie of the past was far from practical or comfortable. It wasn’t meant for all-day wear, let alone all night.

But fashion’s ever-changing trends and styles haven proven that lingerie isn’t what it used to be. Today, lingerie is used interchangeably to describe intimates and undergarments — pieces that aren’t exclusive to one-night occasions.

Lingerie can include bras, panties, slips, and more essentials that can be worn again and again. Plus, lingerie is now designed to be all-in-one: comfortable, supportive, and stylish.

Lingerie gives an instant confidence boost

It’s been said many times, many ways: when you look good, you feel good. And one of the easiest ways to feel effortlessly good in your body is to wear pieces that fit to a tee.

Have you ever shopped for an item of clothing, and someone told you that it was “made for you”? It’s the perfect fit in every sense: it accentuates your body, suits your style, and just looks good. It’s why we can’t let go of certain pieces in our wardrobe or our top drawers. We know what suits us best.

And when it comes to lingerie, finding the styles that were “made for” your friends and loved ones is guaranteed to give them that effortless sense of confidence. Whether their style is simple and laid-back, bright and colorful, or fabulously chic, our collection of Flex-Sizing® intimates has something for everyone.

Both men and women love wearing lingerie

Just like women, men want to feel sexy, too. And lingerie might be the perfect gift for them to feel comfortable and confident in their bodies.

Though it’s a recently growing trend, men shopping for and wearing lingerie are loving the materials and styles often used in women’s lingerie. While they may not be shopping for bras and bralettes, they’re adding panties, bodysuits, and even slips to their collection of confidence-boosting pieces.

If you’re planning on gifting lingerie for the guys in your life, look for styles made with high-stretch and flexible fabrics, like our line of Flex-Sizing® lingerie, that will stretch to a comfortable fit on any and every body.

Gifting lingerie isn’t taboo

Bras and panties are some of the most, if not the most, essential items in anyone’s everyday wardrobe, which is why lingerie makes such a great gift.

Plus, lingerie is worn just about everywhere outside the bedroom, with bralettes as crop tops, lace bodysuits paired with silk skirts, and bustiers and corsets as day-to-night tops seen on runways, in fashion magazines, and casual GNOs. Lingerie is more than just a first layer. It can make an entire outfit!

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