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Buying Lingerie Online? Here’s How to Get Your Size Right the First Time

  • 3 min read

Whether it’s a special occasion, or you’re spoiling yourself just because, lingerie makes for a great gift — both for your partner, and your top drawer. But shopping online for lingerie has its pros and cons. We save time and energy by not having to drive to the store, but we’re left to trust pictures, measurements, and customer reviews to sell us on the item.

We’ll seek out photos on social media of models and customers wearing the ‘fit we’re eyeing to see how it looks — preferably on someone with a similar shape as ours.

Between the photos, the size chart, and even the sizing options, getting your size right from an online lingerie retailer can feel like a complete gamble. And if you’re lucky, you’ll avoid the hassle of returning or exchanging your order.

Instead of relying on luck, we’ll teach you how to get your size right so you can shop with confidence, and buy (and keep!) lingerie that fits like a glove.

Find out if the products are true to size

We can’t stress this enough. From brand to brand, sizes tend to be anything but consistent. A 34B from one store doesn’t fit the same as a 34B at another. Not to mention, every breast shape and size is unique. The idea that one size is going to fit perfectly across all brands is, well, wishful thinking.

Knowing your true bust size, you’ll want to find out if the lingerie you’re shopping for is true to size. You’ll find this information quickly when skimming through the customer reviews. But in case you don’t, you might need one-on-one guidance for help on sizing.

Read (and look at) the reviews

One of the best ways to make sure lingerie looks good and fits right is to see what other shoppers are saying about it. Some might even attach a photo of themselves wearing the item to show whether their purchase was a hit or miss. Or, they’ll take their review to social media.

You’ll want to consider the details they mention: if the item was too tight, or too loose; if the seams were coming undone, or even if the color was not as pictured.

Shoppers will always give their honest opinion on a purchase, so if you want to know the real deal behind the item, just look at the reviews.

Get your measurements right

If you’ve ever gotten your bust measured at a lingerie store, chances are, you were wearing a padded bra. Which means your bra size then, and possibly now, is wrong. A padded bra gives additional volume to your bust that isn’t natural.

You want to measure yourself in an unpadded, wired bra. Wireless works well, too, but a wire will give a little extra support and help accentuate your bust’s natural shape.

To get your measurements right, we’ve broken down the 4 steps to measure your bust correctly in this article.

Try Flex-Sizing® lingerie

Rather than make lingerie shopping feel like a total guess, why not try lingerie that’s made with your body’s unique shape in mind?

Our line of Flex-Sizing® lingerie is designed for superior fit and support, for a sense of comfort that’s still sexy. Using high-stretch materials, our lingerie molds to your unique shape, whether you’ve lost weight, gained weight, or are just going through your body’s natural, everyday changes.

We’ve tossed out standard sizing to design everyday intimates in dual sizes. There’s no guessing what your size is — our styles stretch to perfection and adapt to your unique shape.

Give Flex-Sizing® a try, and experience a fit and feel that was truly made for you.