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5 Reasons Why Your Lingerie Collection Isn’t Complete Without a Bodysuit

  • 3 min read

When shopping for lingerie, you might think to look for the typical 4-piece get-up: bra, panty, garter belt, and lace thigh-high tights. But these days, wearing lingerie is so common that the traditional sets we used to buy now seem kind of over-the-top, or reserved purely for special occasions.

Here’s the thing, though: lingerie is what you make it. So if you want to go all-out, by all means, go all out. And if you want to make lingerie styles completely your own, more power to you. Incorporating more lingerie into your everyday outfits is as easy as swapping one basic bra for a lace one.

But if we had to pick one piece that absolutely has to be in our everyday lingerie rotation, it’s a bodysuit. Here are our top reasons why a bodysuit is an absolute must-have for your top drawer:

1. It’s one of the most versatile pieces you’ll own

A bodysuit can be worn any way you want: on its own, or layered with your favorite denim, skirt, or leather pants. It’s the perfect day-to-night piece that you can wear practically anywhere.

Make it the main event whenever you wear it: in the bedroom, at happy hour, or just lounging around at home. Adding the perfect touch of sexy and chic, a lace bodysuit is what you’ll definitely want in your wardrobe.

2. A bodysuit adds an instant confidence boost

It’s the age-old saying: when you look good, you feel good. And we can’t deny the power of a good bodysuit. Not only does it look amazing on, but it does wonders for your confidence.

There’s something about the mix of lace, the shape of the bodysuit, and the cut of the fabric that makes us feel like the most important person in the room.

Don’t believe us? Try it on for yourself, and see how the right bodysuit gives confidence.

3. Bodysuits accentuate your shape in the best way

Fabric is everything when it comes to bodysuits. If yours is made with cheap or low-quality fabrics, you’ll feel it. It can scratch or irritate your skin, or worse — dig into your skin, leaving harsh red marks.

Some key features you’ll want to look for in your bodysuit’s fabrics — and all your lingerie, really — are stretchability, support, softness, and breathability. When you have all four, you’re basically looking at the makeup of a perfect bodysuit.

Bodysuits made with high-quality materials that stretch and mold to your body accentuate your natural shape in an ultra-flattering way. Rather than dig into your skin, it sits softly and comfortably on the body, letting your unique physique shine in every way possible.

4. It’s a unique statement piece

Celebrities, influencers, and fashion fanatics alike have embraced the evergreen trend of making lingerie part of their outfits. Whether it’s Katie Holmes’ cult-worthy bralette and cardigan combo, lace bustiers under blazers, or even a silk cami paired with our best denim, lingerie outside the bedroom makes for the ultimate statement. 

Waverly Lace Slip Lingerie - Black - LoveSuze

5. When made right, you can wear a bodysuit day to night

Again, the fabric of your bodysuit can really make or break its reputation in your wardrobe. But when it’s made right. with the right fabrics, you can don your best bodysuit from morning to night.

Here at LoveSuze, we’re all about comfort. It’s the very first thing we want to feel when we put on our lingerie because we believe that comfort creates confidence. When we’re comfortable in what we’re wearing, we just feel good.

Our Flex-Sizing® bodysuits are designed with this philosophy in mind: comfortable enough to wear day to night, and still sexy enough to be the main event wherever you wear it.

Forget special occasions. Be the occasion.

Forget about wearing lingerie only on special occasions. With a bodysuit in your top drawer, you can make every moment a special one. Feel confident and sexy in this ultra-versatile style that’s as flattering as it is comfortable.

Shopping for a bodysuit? Our lace bodysuits are designed in breathable, high-stretch materials for an effortless fit and feel. Give our Flex-Sizing® bodysuit styles a try and make every occasion all about you.